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Mobile phone tower health risks

People are generally afraid of living near mobile cell phone tower masts because of the fear of harmful health effects from radiation of mobile phone towers. Some alarmist scare-mongers, who may have their own agenda to gain from such propaganda, invent dangers of living near mobile phone towers by saying things like "Living near a mobile cell phone tower mast causes cancer, impotence, brain damage, etc. etc". These are all made up without any scientific backing. Research world over says the opposite.

The world's most reputed research laboratories and organizations have done a lot of research about the safety of the radio waves transmitted from cellphone towers and masts. Researchers have actually subjected animals like rats, to very high doses of the same frequency radio waves as used in mobile phones for extended periods, and found no harm done to these lab animals, either in their reproductive functions nor any cancer nor brain damage.

Is living near mobile cell phone tower masts harmful to health

Radio frequency waves are all around us all the time, like FM radio, TV transmissions and natural radio waves emitted by earth. When lightning strikes earth during a thunder storm, even if we are indoors, we are subjected to massive doses radio frequency waves. This is what NASA says: "Earth's natural radio emissions are real and, although we're mostly unaware of them, they are around us all the time".

The concentration and power of radio waves from a telephone tower is strong within the first 10 feet from the transmitter, but then the radio waves gets less concentrated and gets weaker on a log scale as the distance gets more.

At 100 feet from the tower, the strength of the radio waves is less than what hits your brain when you are talking on a mobile phone. Remember the mobile cell phone is emitting radio signals when you talk, for your speech signals to reach the cellphone mast. So people who are scared to live near telephone towers should not be speaking on mobile cell phones, because they are subjected to more radiation from mobile cell phones than what they get from the mobile cell phone tower mast near their house.

Radio frequency waves are non-ionizing electromagnetic waves and have no harmful effects on human beings. When you are talking on a mobile cell phone, the antenna of the mobile phone is less than an inch from your brain, and if mobile phone radiation is harmful, then we should have had many reports of brain damage from the estimated 6.9 billion (6,900 million) phone users in the world now. But this is not the case. In October 2014, the World Health Organisatin - WHO said: "to date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use". Thus it is safe living near mobile phone towers and it is not harmful to health

The mobile cell phone tower directs its radio signals parallel to the ground, and since the mobile phone tower transmitter is much higher than the houses of residents living nearby, the directional focused radio waves sent parallel to the ground go well over their houses and only scattered radio waves reach ground level. These scattered radio waves are of much lower strength than the main parallel radio waves, and the density of radio signals reaching nearby houses of the mobile phone mast is low, even though the signal strength is high.

Before a mobile cell phone tower mast is given permission to start transmitting regularly, the concerned Government Department measures the density and strength of the radio signals that reach the surrounding houses near the mobile phone tower. The readings are usually thousands of times less than the maximum permitted levels.

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