Basics of Smart mobile cell phones

What is an eSIM?

eSIM stands for embedded-SIM. The alternative name for eSIM is eUICC (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card). The eSIM is a programmable chip built right into the phones circuits that can reprogrammed to accept the SIM card of any telephone operator in the world. With an eSIM built in within a mobile phone circuit there is no need for a physical SIM card. Right now phones with eSIM have capability of having both actual SIM cards and eSIM. But within a few years it is expected that the actual SIM cards will be abandoned for eSIMS.

What are the advantages of eSIM?

There are many advantages of having an eSIM built into the phones circuit. For the mobile cell phone manufacturer he can avoid having a SIM tray. This will save space on the phone and also have better waterproofing for the phone, because SIM trays are a weak point in the phone for entry of water.

For the telephone network operators it is a huge saving, because they will not be required to issue SIM cards for each of the millions of phone connections in their network. Instead they just have to reprogram the phone's eSIM which can be done online without the customer having to visit the phone operators office.

For the phone user it is a big advantage to have eSIMs. You can have plans from more than one network with the option to activate the one you want to use just before actual use. This will enable you to use one number for business and another for personal use. You could also have different connections for data and roaming. For the traveller you can get the cheapest eSIM for use in another country. eSIM are also available for Watches from Apple, Samsung, etc. allowing for very convenient ways of communicating.

Which phones have eSIM?

Almost all the premium phones being released in 2020 have eSIM facility. All recent Apple, Pixel and Motorola phones come with eSIM capability. The latest Samsung S20 phones have eSIM. The upcoming Chinese phones like OnePlus 8, RealMe X50, Xiaomi Mi 10, etc. have eSIM facility. Latest Nokia 10 will come with eSIM built in. Because of the many advantages of having eSIM almost all phones from 2021 could be expected to have built in eSIM. They may not ditch the SIM tray so soon, but within the next 5 years you can expect all phones to have eSIMs without a SIM tray.

How to get eSIM in India?

Only two wireless carriers in India offer eSIM service now at the end of February 2020. The two offering eSIM in India are AirTel and Jio. Other wireless carriers in India, BSNL and Vodafone-Idea, are expected to offer eSIM connection in a few months time. Here are the links to AirTel and Jio network services who offer easy eSIM card connection

Airtel: Link to activate Airtel eSIM in India.

Jio: Link to activate Jio eSIM in India.

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