Basics of Smart mobile cell phones

How to increase mobile phone reception by boosting signal strength

There are several ways to improve mobile phone reception in weak signal areas. There is no best phone for weak signal areas since almost all of the newer generation mobile cell phones can give good reception even in weak signal areas. But then comes areas where the signal is so weak that even the best phone for weak signal areas cannot catch the signal. It is in such situations that we need to boost the telephone signals. There are several cellphone repeaters that boost mobile phone signals available and it is ver easy to find them by searching on the Internet.

Are mobile phone signal boosters legal

Be careful, in most countries it is illegal to use Cell phone repeaters to boost mobile phone signal strength. An external antennas with a wired connection to your phone is legal, but it is illegal, if without proper permissions, you try to send the signal to your phone by wireless using signal bands which your telephone can pick up.

The reason why Governments are so strict about the use of wireless mobile phone signal boosters is that it interferes with the signals of the mobile phone operators and could cause problems of mobile phone reception for your neighbours. The punishment for unauthorized use of signal boosters can be prison terms for upto two years and hefty fines to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Use of cellphone signal boosters in USA

In the USA it is legal to use signal boosters which are approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is what the FCC says:

"Signal Boosters may only be operated with the permission of wireless providers. Many wireless providers, including AT&T, Sprint, T–Mobile, Verizon, and many others, have agreed to allow the operation of consumer signal boosters that meet the FCC’s new rules. In addition, wireless providers need to provide a method for signal boosters to be registered by consumers before the signal boosters can be used."

Use of mobile phone signal boosters in Australia

In Australia, the punishment for unauthorised use of mobile phone signal boosters is prison for up to two years and big fines of up to 200,000 Australian Dollars. The reason why Governments are so strict about the use of mobile phone signal boosters is that it interferes with the signals of the mobile phone operators and could cause problems of mobile phone reception for your neighbors. The video below from Australia will give you a better understanding of the problem of using illegal mobile phone signal boosting.

Warning about Mobile Signal Boosters in Australia

Is use of mobile signal booster or repeaters legal in India

Allmost all the Mobile Phone service providers are supplying mobile phone signal boosters in India. There must be Government orders restricting the use of unauthorised mobile signal boosters, but the rules are not widely available on the Internet. In India it is better to get the original mobile signal boosters or mobile signal repeaters directly from the mobile service providers.

Use of Mobile phone signal repeaters in UK

OFCOM, the communications regulator in the UK who sets the rules for Mobile Telephone Service in UK says that it is a criminal offence to use cellphone repeaters or mobile phone signal boosters, which does not meet the conditions set by them and that a license must be obtained from them to use such equipment. The punishment for unlicensed use of mobile repeaters can land you in prison for up to a year and a fine of £5,000.

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