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Best Megapixel for a camera phone

How important is the Megapixel MP of phone cameras? We aim to answer this question here and come to a conclusion as to the best megapixel for a camera phone. The general feeling is that a mobile phone camera with higher Megapixel or MP is a better phone camera. Yes, the more the Megapixels, the better a picture would look and with more megapixels it is possible to crop and zoom parts of the picture. But together with the megapixels, the size of the camera phone sensor should also be given importance, because it is the part of the camera phone that converts the light falling on it into digital signals.

Camera phone megapixels explained

Pixels on a phone camera

Mega means million and a Megapixel means one million pixels. Pixels are the smallest element which forms a picture. See the image here, you can see that fine net like structure which makes up the picture. Each of those tiny squares is a pixel. A pixel is square in shape and forms a grid or net like structure to form a picture.

Assume there are a 1000 pixels from left to right ('X' axis)in the picture here and a thousand pixels from top to bottom ('Y' axis), then the total number of pixels in the picture is 1000x1000= one million pixels or a Megapixel, usually written as MP.

The Megapixel count of phone cameras are obtained by multiplying the number of pixels on the 'X' and 'Y' axis of the camera's sensor. If there are more number of pixels in the same area, the picture becomes clearer and we say it is a picture with a higher resolution.

Sensor size of mobile camera phone

The sensor size of phone camera is very important in the picture quality of mobile phone camera. It is quite possible that a 5MP camera phone takes a better picture than a 10MP camera phone because the mobile phone camera sensor size of the 5MP camera is bigger.

The reason that a larger phone camera sensor gives better pictures is because the pixels are bigger in the larger camera phone sensor. When the pixel size in a camera sensor is small it becomes very inefficient in converting light to digital signals. The larger pixels in a bigger phone camera sensor are more efficient in converting light to digital signals. This is the reason why it is important to check the sensor size of mobile phone camera.

Phone camera megapixel comparison

More Megapixels does not automatically mean a better phone camera. A 5 Megapixel camera picture is able to give a good quality print on an A4 size paper.

A 5 Megapixel picture is more than sufficient to give a great picture on any size HD TV, be it 40 inches or 105 inches size. This is because all HD TVs have a resolution of 1980x1080 pixels which is equal to just 2.14 MP. The highest resolution TVs in the market now is the 4K Ultra HD TVs which have a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels equal to 8.3 Megapixels. So to view pictures on a 4K TV, a higher resolution camera of more than 8 MP will be necessary.

The advantage of having higher Megapixel camera phones is that you can crop and zoom pictures from a camera phone with a high MP without much loss of quality. But the high resolution camera phones produces much larger file sizes, so make sure that you have a good micro SD card in the phone to transfer the large files from the phones internal memory into the SD card. This is because the phones internal memory is much faster and it will help in taking pictures faster with a camera phone as explained in our page on Phone Memory.

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