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Flexible screen mobile phones

The new trend in smartphones is to have flexible, bendable, foldable and even rollable phones. Mobile phones with flexible screens, which can be folded or even rolled up, is not a fiction of our imagination.

Samsung flexible screen phones

Samsung showed us a glimpse of their flexible OLED phone screens at the CES 2013 Show. Samsung 'Youm' is the brand name of these amazing new Samsung flexible OLED display phones. Check out the video below of the Samsung CES 2013 presentation.

Flexible Phones Samsung video

The video above is from Samsung's keynote presentation at the 2013 CES Show. The Edge technology which wowed the audience then, is already launched in the form of Samsung Galaxy Edge phones.

The other Samsung Concept phones shown at the CES 2013 Show, could soon be a reality. It is rumoured that Samsung is going to introduce some of these flexible screen phones in the Samsung 2016 phone lineup. Even though Samsung flexible OLED phone release date has not yet been officially announced, we may see the Samsung foldable phone release date as early as January 2016. The Samsung Youm roll-out screen phone can also be expected soon.

LG phones with flexible screen

LG will not be far behind to launch their flexible foldable smartphones. They seem to be building a huge factory for flexible OLED screens. So we can expect LG phones with flexible screens soon. See video at the bottom introducing the LG flexible screens for phones and tablets.

Windows Surface Phones with flexible screens

Microsoft is also not far behind and also expected to roll out their flexible phones soon. It is expected that Microsoft will rename their "Windows phones" as "Surface Phones" following the wild success of their Surface Tabs. See video below of the Microsoft keynote presentation of their new flexible phones.

Windows Phones with Flexible screens

LG flexible screen for smartphones

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