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Best type of mobile phone battery, non-removable battery is good or bad

Both removable and non-removable batteries in mobile phones have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest problems with non-removable battery phones was what to do if a phone with non-removable battery hangs. This non-removable battery phone hang problem with older phones, with no way to force a shut down a hung phone is a thing of the past.

Now just by keeping the power on switch pressed for 10 seconds, will reboot a hung phone. Some phones require the power button and volume button to be pressed together for 10 seconds to restart a frozen phone. The major advantages and disadvantages of having non-removable batteries are detailed below.

Non-removable battery pros and cons

Advantages and disadvantages of non-removable battery in mobile smart phones are as follows:

What is good about inbuilt battery in mobile phones

  1. Non-removable battery phones can be built much thinner and more robust because the inbuilt battery in mobile phone can be shaped to fit the profile of the phone.
  2. The internal parts of the phone with inbuilt battery are better sealed and protected against water and dust
  3. In case of dropping a non-removable battery phone, since all the internal parts are tightly fitted there is less damage to the phone than in the case of a dropped phone with replaceable battery whose back cover and battery will all come out. In case the cell phone dropped on a hard wet surface with puddles of water, the survival rate of the cell phone with inbuilt battery will be much greater.

Problems with non-removable battery phones

  1. The main problem with non-removable battery phones was how to reset phone with non-removable battery when the phone froze up, that is when the mobile cell phone gets stuck and hangs up with none of the keyboard keys working. This was a serious problem with non-removable battery phones before, but now this problem has been solved with keyboard shortcuts to switch off, reset and restart the non-removable battery phone.
  2. You cannot swap a dead battery of the non-removable battery phone with a fresh fully charged battery as could be done with a phone with a removable battery. This was a major problem of the phone with non-removable battery phones in the days before the advent of the universal power bank backup battery charger.
  3. The other minor problem is how to replace non-removable battery in mobile in the event the battery came to the end of its life. This can only be done in the service center of the phone manufacturer, it is not a serious problem considering that the non-removable battery phone's battery will last at least two years before it needs replacement.

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