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Mobile cell phone screen types

Of the different mobile cell phone screen types, two cell phone screen types dominate, the LCD and AMOLED cell phone screens. In LCD and AMOLED cell phones there are variations like IPS LCD screens and Super AMOLED screens. Comparison of IPS LCD and Super AMOLED screens are given in a chart later on this page. We will now explain what the advantages and disadvantages of IPS LCD and Super AMOLED are as follows:

What is IPS display in mobile phones

IPS stands for In Plane Switching. IPS LCD displays for mobile phones are now considered the top of the range in LCD mobile phone screens. LCD screens are mainly of two types: In-Plane Switching (IPS) and Twisted Nematic (TN) type. IPS is the superior technology because it gives much wider viewing angles and much better color to the phone screen.

The LCD screen does not produce any light of its own but acts like a cinema film. To see what is on the LCD screen a light source called the backlight, has to be placed behind the LCD screen, and when the light source shines through the LCD screen you see the picture or writings on the LCD screen. Since the brightness of the backlight in an IPS LCD display can be adjusted, IPS LCD screens can be made very bright to see outdoors in sunlight

What is AMOLED display in mobile phones

The AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) mobile phone screen produces its own light using organic chemicals based electroluminescent layer as the light emitting medium. This means that each of the tiny OLED pixels light up on their own when an electric voltage is applied to individual cells and the picture is formed by the thousands of Organic Cells lighting up or not lighting up in the AMOLED phone screen.

The AMOLED screen is considered to be the best type of screens for mobile phones, and some the best phones today like the Samsung S8 and Note-8 use AMOLED screens.

IPS LCD screen vs Super AMOLED

Both IPS LCD and Super AMOLED mobile phone screen types have its advantages and disadvantages. We are giving below details of both these screens.

IPS LCD and Super AMOLED which is better
ParameterSuper AMOLED screen MobileIPS LCD Mobile Screen
Picture QualitySuper AMOLED screen Mobile Phones tend to have better color, brightness, viewing angle and quick response time to fast moving action scenesIPS LCD screens also have very good picture quality and only advanced instruments can differentiate between the picture quality of latest LCD and AMOLED screen mobiles
Picture BrightnessSuper AMOLED mobile phone screen produces its own light and is limited. AMOLED screen mobile phones are very good indoors, but IPS LCD vs Super AMOLED in sunlight, it is difficult to see an AMOLED phone screen so IPS LCD winsIPS LCD works with a backlight and the backlight brightness can be adjusted according to the ambient light. LCD screens are very good indoors and is quite legible outdoors even in direct sunlight.
Battery DrainAMOLED is basically an OLED screen which many experts say has the best picture quality with the least amount of battery drain. OLED pixels produces its own light and since a black pixel is the off state and white is in full power mode, then on a full white screen OLED screen may drain faster but if the majority of the screen is kept blak OLED needs very little power and the battery may last for days.LCD pixels produce no light of its own, it requires a bright backlight which has to be on at full power all the time to see the screen. There can be local dimming libacklights but smartphones to date do not have it. So battery drain with LCD screen is a problem.
Thickness of PhoneAMOLED screen Mobile phones can be made extremely thin, since the AMOLED screen requires no backlight.Due to the requirement of a backlight, LCD screen mobile phone tend to be slightly thicker than the AMOLED screen mobile phones

What type of screen does the iPhone-6 and iPhone-6+ have

Apple's iPhones use an LCD screen called Retina Display. The Apple Retina Displays use a special type of LCD phone screen called an IPS LCD display. LCD screens using IPS technology is superior because it gives much wider viewing angles and much better color to the Phone screen. Apple used the term 'Retina Display' to signify the human eye's seeing surface and is supposed to impart the meaning that there is no clearer and sharper screen. At the time of its announcement on the iPhone 4 it had a PPi of 326 one of the highest resolutions with the highest PPi among phone screens.

What type of screen does Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note-8 have

Samsung Galaxy Phones have Super AMOLED screens. The Samsung Galaxy phones have screens as good as, if not better than those made by Apple iPhones. The Samsung Galxy phones have much bigger screens than the Apple iPhones and in terms of Pixel Density PPi both have scaled to over 500 PPi, which is much more than what the human eye can distinguish between - that is the human eye cannot make out the difference between Pixel densities of over about 350 PPi. That is to the human eye a phone screen with a PPi of 500 pixels will look the same as a phone screen with slightly over 350 PPi.

Mirasol display mobile phone

The newest promising technology for mobile phone screens is the Mirasol display for mobile phones. Mirasol Reflective IMOD Display is is from Qualcomm, the Company best known for its range Snapdragon Processors at the heart of most smartphones. How does Qualcomm Mirasol display work? Qualcomm Mirasol Display works on the principal of interferance of light and is referred to as a Interferometric modulator display or IMOD display. Interference of reflected light can create many colors, like what we see on the surface of a floating soap bubble. To quote from Qualcomm Mirasol website:

" Meeting the needs of the new mobile consumer demands new ways of thinking. Creating a color screen that uses reflected light and something called interferometric modulation. That’s a pretty big idea.
So what is Interferometric Modulation? We all learned in school that light travels in waves, and each color of the spectrum has its own unique wavelength. Our displays create an interference of those wavelengths, so that the color the pixel needs to be is the only hue visible to the human eye.
This concept of light and color interference plays out in our everyday life. For example, oil on water produces a rainbow effect. You’ve seen it in soap bubbles and in nature — in the iridescent colors reflected off the feathers of a peacock or butterfly. But how does this happen, exactly?" .................More at the Qualcomm Mirasol website

Qualcomm's Mirasol Reflective Display IMOD screens overcome a major problem of todays leading mobile phone screen types - the AMOLED and LCD mobile screens. Both the AMOLED and LCD screens have a problem of readability under outdoor sunlight conditions. Mirasol Reflective Display IMOD screens have clear phone screens even in the brightest sunlight. Qualcomm recently showed off their new prototype mobile phone screen measuring 5.1 inches diagonally and with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The PPi of the Qualcomm Mirasol Reflective Displays is 576 PPi (pixels per inch) one of the highest, if not the highest PPi to date on smartphones. Qualcomm says that the Mirasol Reflective Display IMOD screens for mobile phones is very power efficient and claims a power efficiency of about 6 times that of existing LCD or AMOLED screens. These new screens for mobile phones should be hitting the market sometime in 2015.

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