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What are the health risks of using mobile cell phones

The scare of cancer and mobile cell phone use is widespread and many leading international organisations are hard at work to find out if there is any evidence to support a connection between mobile phone use and cancer of the brain. The good news is that so far no one has conclusively claimed that there is a positive relation between cancer and mobile phone use.

We share below what the American Cancer Society says about Brain Cancer and mobile cell phone use, in their most recent press release

Below are comments from Otis W. Brawley, M.D., American Cancer Society chief medical officer, in response to the the WHO / International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classification of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

"This report comes from a very credible group, and reaches reasonable conclusions about electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and other devices. It is critical that its findings be interpreted with great care. The working group reviewed a large number of studies and concluded that there was limited evidence that cell phones may cause glioma, a type of brain tumor that starts in the brain or spine. A 2B classification means that there could be some risk, but that the evidence is not strong enough to be considered causal, and needs to be investigated further. The bottom line is the evidence is enough to warrant concern, but it is not conclusive ...... Given that the evidence remains uncertain, it is up to each individual to determine what changes they wish to make, if any, after weighing the potential benefits and risks of using a cell phone. If some feel the potential risk outweighs the benefit, they can take actions, including limiting cell phone use, or using a headset. Limiting use among children also seems reasonable in light of this uncertainty. On the other hand, if someone is of the opinion that the absence of strong scientific evidence on the harms of cell phone use is reassuring, they may take different actions, and it would be hard to criticize that."
"It's also important to put this 2B classification into perspective. Many common exposures are classified in Category 2B, including gasoline exhaust and even coffee."

Note: The report essentially says that there is a very, very small possibility of cancer from prolonged mobile cellphone usage and the level of this danger is put into the same category as drinking lots of Coffee!!!

To quote the last para in the press report of the American Cancer Society: "It's also important to put this 2B classification into perspective. Many common exposures are classified in Category 2B, including gasoline exhaust and even coffee."

When you are talking on a mobile cell phone, the antenna of the mobile phone is less than an inch from your brain, and if mobile phone radiation is harmful, then we should have had many reports of brain damage from the estimated 6.9 billion (6,900 million) phone users in the world now. But this is not the case. In October 2014, the World Health Organisatin - WHO said: "to date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use". Thus it is very safe to use mobile phones to your hearts content and do not have any fear of brain cancer or any other adverse health effects.

Mobile phones not bad for health

The radiation from mobile phones is a type electromagnetic radiation. There are two types of Electromagnetic radiation: ionizing (x-rays for example) and non-ionizing (radio transmission and microwaves for example). It is the ionising radiation that is dangerous like x-rays, and there is evidence that ionising radiation, like from over exposure to x-rays, can cause cancer and other problems. Non-ionising radiation is not at all dangerous. The word 'Radiation' which is common for both ionizing Radiation and non-ionising radiation, may be the reason for the widespread phobia of using mobile cellphones.

A lot of research has been done to find out if non-ionising radiation is harmful to human beings. Studies done even on very powerful sources of non-ionizing radiation like Radars has failed to prove any harmful effects on us human beings. The non-ionizing radiation from mobile cell phones are very small, when compared to the very powerful non-ionizing radiation from Radars.

Powerful radio frequency energy can cause heating, like in microwave ovens, but this is high power concentrated microwave energy within a steel enclosed space. Most materials are transparent to microwaves, even concrete and human beings, which means microwaves simply passes through, but materials like stainless steel reflect it. In conclusion we can say that the type of radiation from mobile phones can cause us no harm and mobile phones are not bad for health.

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